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Tip for the Pool Owner on Algae

I remember a conversation early in my career, a pool veteran said that if you get algae in your pool, "just lay your wallet on the counter." He was obviously making a dramatic point which apparently hit home because I am recounting it here....but his point is strong and accurate. Simply put, an algae bloom can get expensive depending on the severity! Owning a pool means that one must also own the minimum costs and maintenance that goes along with pool ownership. That said, you can't get around proper filtration run times, check and balancing of pool chemistry, or cut a corner when it comes to dosing. Believe me I get quite a few admissions of guilt when it comes to some, or all of these lol! That pool veteran also told me that when you own a pool...."you have to pay..... You either pay to maintain it, or you pay for algae clean-up." And guess what? Regular maintenance is a whole heck of a lot less than algae clean-up. Sooo.....if you want to cut a corner, I suggest you invest in a new variable speed pump or motor. The feedback is "awesome" and it drops the electric bill dramatically. Oh yeah, there is also a PGE rebate(for complete variable speed pump) at the moment. Take Care!

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