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This Weather is Crazy!

weather-is-crazySo....the last few years the weather has been crazy this time of year. You know, one minute it looks like spring is springing, the next moment you are grabbing your umbrella and jacket. Well if you are confused by all of this, just think of how your poor pool is reacting with the constant fux of mixed temperature swings. It's under that winter blanket simply not knowing what's going on, and no one is comfortable with that feeling. I know pools do not have feelings but, you get where I'm going... Here is a tip that will save you quite a bit of a headache when it comes time to peel back that winter blanket this spring..........take a peek now LOL! I promise it will save you the disappointment of a spring opening, and not having your winter kit hold, resulting in an ugly pool. happen to me one year. But, only once! This crazy weather could possibly cause your pool to prematurely use up the winter kit early. However if you take a peek and do a little minor chlorine test, you be proactive in avoiding disappointment. Take care!

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