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The Test

fresh-reagntOk.....So here is the test. When was the last time you purchased fresh reagents for your liquid pool/spa test kit? I already know the It is usually "I don't know..." This is the time of year where folks are giving their hot tubs a spring cleaning, or taking a peek at the water on their winterized pools. They always wonder why their home test is so different than the computerized version in our store. It's usually because their reagents are old, thus giving a false read. At Blackthorne we recommend you purchase fresh reagents yearly, or at worst every year in a half. It is also important to note, the test kit should be stored in a cool dry place, and not in the storage step area. Also beware of purchasing reagents at your favorite Big Box Store as they usually store the reagents improperly each season leading to a false test with your new purchase. If you like the simplicity of test strips a similar ideology in cool dry place, no wet fingers in the bottle, and purchased from a specialty store such as Blackthorne Spas will give you a more accurate reading. There you go! Take Care!

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