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Mice Love Hot Tubs

Just mention the word "Mouse" and it can have the same effect as yelling "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater, except instead of stampeding from the hall, you will find women and children (and some men too!) screaming and scrambling to find high ground.

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Cold weather has a tendency to force people indoors and the longer the winter, the longer the stay. Well the same goes for rodents of all kinds. Mice always prefer a nice warm spot to lay low through the winter and the hot tub couldn't be more perfect.

Hot Tub Nest?

Yep, the hot tub is warm all winter. The spa pump gives off heat and there is nothing more cozy than the insulation of a hot tub. Mice tend to nest in small dark nooks where they can build their nests and remain warm and dry. The hot tub is perfect. It is completely dry, it provides great warmth and the insulating foam is perfect for burrowing out the perfect mouse haven.

Protect The Spa!

The first thing to do is to inspect inside the cabinet for any mouse activity. Droppings, chewed up foam or wires or anything that looks like a nest are all good indications that there may be an infestation. Mice can pass their entire body through any crevice smaller than their head. If there are any holes, cracks or crevices they should be filled with foam. Any canned insulating foam will do the trick. But, a wire "mesh" to prevent travel in and out is what I prefer. That way heat can still escape from the equipment area for longer equipment life. Mice can cause a considerable amount of damage to the electrical system of your hot tub or pool heater once they establish a home. Chewed wires and damage due to urine is common. Even if your hot tub is not in an area known for mice infestations, it is always best to prevent this rather then to repair the costly problems that occur once mice set up residency in your hot tub or pool heater.

Who's Hot Tub is it anyway?

If mice are actually living inside your hot tub, catching and disposing them may be a bit tricky. A cat can do the trick nicely, but if purchasing a cat is not an option there are several humane mouse traps on the market. Baits are designed to attract, the last thing you want to do in this case. Exclusively at Blackthorne a rodent "repellant" is available. EVAC Botanical has a refreshing kind of smell to humans, but a smell that rodents find to much to live with. They will soon pack up and move out, taking all the worries of costly repairs with them. Always keeping you informed and aware. Blackthorne Pools & Spas Inc.

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