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blackthorne_contactAs a business owner, my wife and I take great pride in what we do. I feel there are certain things you must do as business owner, but in my opinion, there is one thing you have to do to that stands above the rest. So, we carry quality products that we are proud to offer from world class manufacturers....check. We offer excellent service, many times going way beyond what a competitor may be willing to go......check. We save our customers time, money, and make their lives easier......check. It's just my opinion, however I feel that if you do not heavily invest in training for yourselves, and your employees then its all for not. My wife and I firmly believe this, and it is a fabric of our business model. Think about it...I can have the best products and services, but if I don't work on "the how and why" with staff, then it really all dies on the vine after that moment of interaction with the customer. Staff is constantly in training. We meet bi-weekly to make sure we are on "the same page" in our company communications. Yes, we feel this is extremely important in the future of our brand. So, our commitment to you in addition to world class products and services, is a well trained staff. And yes, this includes me and my wife Malina. Thank you for choosing our brand, we will continually work hard for you.

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