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A long time customer comes into the store looking a bit confused so I asked him how I could help. He said I've had the hot tub for many, many years and no one has been able to give me the answers I need. So what is the question I asked. I tiny bit dismissive, he said over the years everywhere he goes he always gets different answers when it comes to his water chemistry. I said between my long time pool/spa industry veteran Mel here and myself, you have over 55 years experience between us so give us a shot. He said that every time he balances the water and later uses the spa, the pH always goes down. This was driving him crazy. Honestly I thought I was going to have pull out my computerized encyclopedia, but I gave him a re-assuring smile and said "that's a simple one." The spa is a small body of water. Jokingly I said as soon as you stick your big toe in there, you are going to change the pH of the water. Our bodies always send the spa water in one of two directions based on our own body chemistry. It was like a room lit up as he smiled. He said that makes a lot of sense and no one has ever explained that to him before today. He always got answers that made no sense. He thanked us with a huge smile and said we were awesome..... At Blackthorne Spas we take everything associated with the brand very seriously. That includes water chemistry, which is where most of our industry fails after a sale. We apologize for our industry.... We at Blackthorne pride on ourselves on our in-depth knowledge. This requires each employee to work hard in this area to provide world class service. We work hard at this. Yes.... we have, and do make mistakes as we are human, but we work hard to correct that too. Go Ahead are in good hands 🙂 Take Care

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