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Flush that bacteria out of your hot tub!

clean-hot-tubsWhere does bacteria lie? Right in your hot tub's plumbing lines is where. The vast majority of bacteria that exists in a hot tub is not in the water itself, nor is it attached to the shell. Almost all of the bacteria in a hot tub lives within the plumbing lines protected by a layer of biofilm. This biofilm both feeds the bacteria as well as providing protection from the water that streams through the lines while the jets are on. Using a line flush in-between water changes is required for safe operation as well as peace of mind for all spa owners. Why you ask? Because if you fill your hot tub with fresh water and DON'T flush the lines, you will end up transferring the bacteria from the old water right into the new water. Any experienced service technician, me included, has seen what a plumbing line looks like that hasn't been flushed. Imagine seeing a layer of brown-grey slime coating the entire inside of the pipes. Sounds pretty disgusting, huh! This is called biofilm, a concentrated bacteria that gets removed during the flushing process. If you actually saw biofilm in your hot tub pipes - trust me - you'd want to get rid of it. So, how does a line flush get rid of the gross stuff? All you need to do is add it directly to the old, dirty spa water, remove the filters, and run all the jets on high speed for about 2 hours. Following this, drain the hot tub as you normally would and do your normal cleaning. Then refill the spa with clean, fresh water. That's all! Stop by either of our locations and talk to us about it. Peace of mind is simple and we're here for you. Herbie B.

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